Foot Switches


Ø 22.5mm Push Buttons, Contact Elements & Pilot Lights.

VAISHNO/HOTLINE-HOTLINE Make Push Buttons, Selector Switches and Pilot Lamps are normally Suitable for Control & Auxiliary Circuits, A.C. or D.C. backed by twenty five years of proven performance in the field.

These devices have contact reliability, increased operational safety, compactness and reduced labour input. The availability of two separate models of contact blocks-rear wire connection type for panel mounting application and front wire connection type for base mounted and other features make them an ideal choice for panels, control desks, control stations, machine tools etc.

These devices generally comply with the requirement of IS/IEC : 60947 (Part 5/SEC-1)2003 as well as IEC : 60947 – 5 – (1) 2000.



  • Very good flame resistance


  • Self wiping contacts ensure trouble free operation


  • Interchangeable blocks provide multiple contact configurations at site.


  • State-of-the-art workmanship aesthetic elegance


  • VAISHNO/HOTLINE Hotlines traditional hall mark for precision & exacting quality and assurance for consistency & reliability


  • VAISHNO/HOTLINE Hotlines more than two decades of trust and confidence


  • Safe in operation, locking device unaffected by vibration
  • Protection against electrical shock (Unit Earthed).


Push Buttons & Selector Switches are available in Chrome Plated Metallic body and Bezel as well as in Glass filled thermo plastic body and bezel and are functionally interchangeable.

The elements are interchangeable and can be stacked without additional hardware, 1 to 4 element (NO or NC) can be used with Push Buttons and Selector Switches. For illuminated Push Buttons 1 or 2 element (NO or NC) may be used.

The Pilot lights and illuminated switches are suitable for direct supply or supply through series resistor, using bayonet cap filament bulb type BA-9S for both AC/DC supply from 6V to 230V.

Indicating Lights with switching device and integral LED modules can be directly mounted on panel and rated voltage can be directly applied to the module input. These are available in Standard and barrel type enclosure in Thermoset (DMC) and Thermoplastic housing for AC / DC and AC or DC Supply.

SIGUT TERMINATION: This unique feature is highly user oriented. It increases safety to the user by preventing accidental contact by the user with live terminals.

COMPACT 22.5 mm DIAMETER: The smaller mounting diameter reduces mounting space by 30% as compared to conventional 30.5 mm design.

ENERGY SAVER: 22.5 mm devices require lamp with 2/2.6W instead of 7 to 10 watt lamps used in 30.5 mm devices. Thus results in energy saving.

MOUNTING: Only screw driver is required for fixing these devices on to panel having thickness of 1 to 6 mm in any position. The whole assembly is locked into position with the help of two M4 pointed screw on the bracket. These screws also ensure the earthing. We recommend fixing centers as per standard. The Screws should be tightened simultaneously to an extent as to pierce through the paint on the panel from inside.