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“VAISHNO/HOTLINE/HOTLINE HOTLINE” Current Transformers reproduces proportionate primary current on its secondary side required for extending the range of the instruments or protective devices connected to its Secondary circuit.

Types Available : Tape Wound & Cast Resin Confirming to IS:2705
CORE: Toroidal core of high Permeability silicon steel.


METERING CT: Accuracy will be selected on the basis of the instrument i.e. when installed at a far away from CT the secondary is chosen as 1A instead of 5A.

PROTECTION CT: Meant for Circuit Breakers & Relays

When the ratio is low it becomes difficult to obtain good result with single & primary turn. For this both primary & secondary turns are wound on the toroidal core.

Rated Frequency - 5-60hz * Class of Insulation - E * Rated time thermal current ith - 60 in * Nominal surge current ldyn - 2.5 ith (minimum 100 kA at all window type Ct’s) * Highest voltage for equipment Um - 0.72Kv (other voltages on request) * Rated power-frequency withstand voltage - 4Kv / 1min (Other voltages on request) Instrument security factor - Fs5 or Fs10

Ct’s available in class 0.5 and 0.2 and other accuracy class available on request * Ct’s also available with 1A sec current * Other VA’s are as per customer requirement.

* Unbreakable, flame retardant, self-extinguishing / Nylon casing of grade UL 94 V2
* Cores are made from high grade CRGO material
* Dual coated copper wire having class of insulation H.
* Nickel plated secondary terminals with plus minus screws of 0.5Nm.
* Integrated secondary terminal caps.