Foot Switches

“Vaishno-Hotline" foot switches are designed to open and close either AC or DC circuits and environmentally shield protection. Its unique paddle design provides a wide target area of operation and feature an integrated barrier which deters both paddles from operating at same times in twin foot switch.


The contact mechanism has single pole double throw twin break silver contacts (1NO + 1 NC ) and double pole double throw (2NO + 2NC) block. The cast aluminum enclosure has water and oil tight features.

These foot switches are often used to trigger the delivery of laser energy in medical systems, and also used in the food equipment industries to often precise hands free operation of the desire food equipment such as meat mixture grinder. Foot operated switches generally used mechanical or pneumatically actuated switches.

  •  Polished aluminum enclosure with chrome plated steel paddles which provides high durability and corrosion protection.
  • Torsion springs located inside foot switch protecting them from contamination.
  • Two mounting holes.
  • Capable of handling up to 12/3 cable or 0.50” O.D cable.
  • Quick connect terminals.
  • Wide area for foot operation.
  • Long life snap switch.
  • Skid- resistant electrometric base pad.
  • Twin paddles model has an integral barrel to deter both paddles from operating in the same time.
  • Custom foot switch-can be provided with special name plates, cord sets, plugs and other features that may be required for specific application.
  • Utilization category- AC 11 or DC 11 as per IEC – 337-1.


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