Fuse Bases

VAISHNO HOTLINE offers a wide range of FUSE BASES to take high breaking capacity fuse links. These bases have a special type of silver plated contacts made out of electrolytic copper for low watt loss. The base is moulded out of high grade flame retardant, non-hygroscopic phenolic moulding powder conforming to IS: 1300 / BS771 with a high gloss finish. These Bases can also be supplied with glass reinforced polyester (DMC) moulding for better mechanical & electrical properties. A spring steel rings maintain their intrinsic elasticity even at elevated temperatures.




Fuse holders for LV Industrial Fuse Links, clip on and bolted type.


Control Equipments, Circuit and Motor Production, Lighting and heating Equipments.

Ratings (a) Volts- 550v AC, (b) Amp- 160A- 630A,
Breaking Capacity


Rated frequency  50Hz/ 60Hz

Industrial grade non hygroscopic, Phenolic Molding/ Reinforced Polyester (DMC).

Mounting Type Stud.