Fuse Holders

VAISHNO HOTLINE offers a versatile range of FUSE HOLDERS consisting of Fuse carriers & Fuse bases moulded out of high grade flame retardant, non-hygroscopic phenolic moulding powder conforming to IS : 1300 / BS : 771 with a high gloss black finish. All the current carrying non-ferrous parts are tin / silver plated to ensure better conductivity & to prevent oxidation while all ferrous parts are zinc plated to avoid rusting.

They are simple in construction with minimum number of components. Carrier contacts and Base contacts are mountedusing location ridges formed on the mouldings, assuring perfect alignment. 20A. Fuse carriers have a single piece Phosphor bronze clip, while all other type Fuse carriers have a single piece press brass spin riveted contact. The base is also made up of a single piece extruded brass tinned contact having adequate size of cable hole to accommodate aluminum cable.

Stringent quality control during production ensures excellent end product. A well equipped test laboratory as per IS: 13703 / IEC 60267 is the key to quality adherence.




Fuse holders for LV Industrial Fuse Links, clip on and bolted type.


Control Equipments, Circuit and Motor Production, Lighting and heating Equipments.

Ratings (a) Volts- 550v AC, (b) Amp- 20A- 125A
Breaking Capacity-


Rated frequency  50Hz/ 60Hz

Industrial grade non hygroscopic, phenolic moulding.

Mounting Type Screw/ Stud/ Bus Bar