Push Button Stations are available in Cast Alluminium, Fibre Reinforced Polyester (FRP) and in Thermoplastic Enclosures with or without canopy having IP-54/IP-55/IP-65 and IP-67 degree of protection consisting of shrouded Actuator with 1NO or 1NC or Selector, Lockable, Stayput or illuminated buttons can be provided on request. The Push Button Stations are generally available in standard version from 1 unit to 4 unit and in custom designed version i.e. duly wired from Terminal to Contact Blocks mounted with ammeter, voltmeter, selector switch, speedometer etc. Colour : Light Grey  Shade No. : 631 of IS-5, or as per customers request


VAISHNO HOTLINE offers Pendent Type Push Button Stations in IP-65 degree of protection in light grey shade no. 631 of IS-5 for crane and hoist application, in Cast Alluminium housing, having standard Spring Return Push Button with 1NO + 1NC contact arrangement. Cable entry will be ¾ or 19mm from top or bottom. Push Button in different combinations such as Selector, Lockable, Stayput etc. can be provided on request. Legends as per requirement.